How To Drastically Increase Your Home’s Value (For Under $1,000!)

Click the image below to open our free, comprehensive guide to drastically increasing your home’s value (for under $1,000)! Whether you’ve just decided to put your house on the market or want to give your space a makeover that will also boost your value, the team here at NextHome Element Realty has compiled our favorite, most effective tips for increasing your home’s value- and you can do it all without breaking the bank! Take one or multiple ideas, get your DIY side ready, and let’s go!

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Simple Recipes (For When Your Entire Life Is In Boxes)

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When your entire kitchen is in boxes and you’ve been dining out for a month, the most novel thing you can do is use your own kitchen. But, when you’re in between a move you need something that will taste amazing, be easy, and not need a lot of prep and/or ingredients. We’ve compiled some of the most “low-maintenance” recipes we could find, and curated a collection just for you!

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