Every HomeOwner’s Worst Nightmare

Just imagine it- you finally finish moving in to your beautiful new home. The charming colonial with a huge yard, beautiful high ceilings, a pristine wrap around porch, and state-of-the-art energy saving appliances. It’s the perfect home-

until it isn’t.

Six months later you find out the foundation is crumbling. The soil it was built on is sliding downhill. When it rains, it pours- onto your brand new couch. Duct tape is the only thing holding the beam in your attic above your head. That beautiful wraparound deck is being supported by a stack of tires. Your hose spout is placed directly above the fuse box. While we wish these were all exaggerations, every example above is an actual situation that skilled inspectors were able to catch; and the list goes on and on, but you get the point. If you’d had a home inspection, these would only be nightmares. But because you wanted to save a dime or two, these terrors will be on your mind night and day.

It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare: making one of the biggest investments of your life only to find out you didn’t get what you paid for. It’s easy then to blame it on the previous homeowners, but whose fault is it really? Enter AmeriSpec- the company is one of NextHome Element Realty’s premier choices in home inspection services- and we’ll tell you why even our realtors use them for their own home purchases.

From the moment you call, you’ll notice AmeriSpec is highly professional. Each franchise is operated as if it was a corporate location where employees take pride in where they work. Their main focus is on your happiness and safety. From start to finish, everything they do is thorough. There’s no skipping corners for these inspectors, who are all gra
duates of the best training program in the industry: trained with classroom instruction, in-field inspections, and hands-on technical training in their state-of-the-art facility led by instructors with a combined 60 years of experience. That also means that every inspection is consistently performed up to their golden s
tandard. Plus, when you’re in escrow, you don’t have time to make an appointment and wait weeks for someone to come out: AmeriSpec understands that and makes every process as quick as possible. They don’t just hand you a complicated report either; the AmeriSpec Report is an easy-to-read organized form referencing each finding during the inspection. Along with the report, the professionals at AmeriSpec recommend next steps to take for each problem area: allowing you to analyze the costs of repairs and take this into consideration when finalizing an offer. Have questions? Great! They’re there for that too with helpful and knowledgeable staff to clarify any concerns you
might have.

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It’s obvious why we, here at NextHome Element Realty, recommend AmeriSpec: we provide only the best for our clients, and won’t settle for anything less. Likewise, with AmeriSpec, you know you’re in good hands from start-to-finish, and able to walk into that gorgeous new home having either already fixed any issues or knowing just what steps to take next. It’s just another way we help you stay in your Element.