How to Make a Baby/Pet Gate That Isn’t Hideous

Whether you’re expecting a new baby or welcoming a fur-baby into your home, the reason for which you need a gate is exciting! So don’t let the ugliness of conventional indoor gates get in the way of your anticipation- build one of your own! We found (and then tried!) this adorable barn door baby gate DIY project- and believe it or not, we were able to create a gate that not only looks okay in our house- it adds to the design and seriously makes our house cuter than before!

Click the picture below- it takes you to a post that explains how to make a gate very similar to the one we made. It helps to have a handy husband, but the instructions on this tutorial are thorough- so you don’t need to sweat it if you’ve never built anything before.

Here’s a few photos from our build:

gate unfinished

This is a photo of possibly the most important part- the cat. Just kidding. Fitting the gate before you finish or paint it! Here you can see that even though we measured, the doors were overlapping- probably wouldn’t have been fun to fix that after the fact.

gate stain

Even if you’re as careful as humanly possible, there’s still a chance that your stain or paint will end up somewhere you didn’t want it. So my advice is to keep a plastic tarp or table cloth underneath, and/or paint outside.


And finally…look! Along the way, we re-finished the banisters to match (because I was so over the previous color) and redid the carpet to compliment the new look. We couldn’t be more thrilled about how it turned out!

Pet Gate