15 Inexpensive Disney Home Pieces You Need Right Now

When the holidays are over, it can feel like all of the magic has worn off. No more lights sparkling on every street, no more peppermint hot cocoa, and no more of that excitement in the air. I know- we get depressed just thinking about it, too. BUT, we’ve thought of a way that your new year can still have some of that magic. And, like always, there’s a link either to buy or make the item in each photo- just click on the photo to be led there!

Disney Home v2


For a fraction (literally like 1/100) of the cost of a ticket to the parks, we’ve thought of a few low-cost, subtle ways to add just a touch of Disney magic to your home or apartment (hey- even dorm room!). These cute little ideas are perfect for kids and house guests- and we can’t wait to give your home the feel of ‘the happiest place on Earth’.

1. This cute Peter Pan clock.



Every room needs a clock, if only for aesthetic purposes, so why not make it a fun one? This fun clock from Etsy gives off major  “second star to the right, and straight on ’till morning!” vibes.



2. This DIY ‘Beauty and The Beast’ stained glass “window”.



Using ‘Reality Daydream’s’ method, you can make a ‘stained glass’ replica from Beauty and The Beast, or if you’d rather, you can do one inspired by ‘Cinderella‘, ‘Sleeping Beauty‘, and countless other favorites. Choose whichever size frame you want, and voila! You have the perfect size masterpiece.



3. This familiar little candelabra. 



This is such a cute (and relatively inexpensive) lighting option for your home library, next to your stained glass art, or really anywhere. You can find cheaper options on Ebay, but the link we provided is the Disney-direct.



4. These sneaky little visitors. 



The only kind of rodents you actually want in your house- this decal can be done in a contrasting color, or a few shades darker than your paint so that anyone walking down the hallway *might* catch a glimpse of these little guys sneaking a key back to Cinderella. Or, if you feel really confident in your art abilities, this painted version is a cute option, too.



5. This elegant trivet for hot dishes.


This piece allows you to keep your love for all things Disney ‘hidden in plain sight’, while serving up an elegant side of Mickey Mouse.


6. These ‘haunted’ bookends.


If you’ve got a desk, bookshelf, or library and a love for ‘Haunted Mansion’, then you’re in luck. These subtle bookends add just a touch of Disney: enough to make your decor magical but not overwhelming.


7. This unique tea set.


There’s absolutely no cuter way to serve tea to guests or family. This little set, straight out of ‘Alice in Wonderland’, adds a touch of fun to an otherwise mundane task- and for $65, it’s definitely cheaper than your average porcelain set (and way cuter)!


8. These (not-so-subtle) DIY directions. 


I hate to say it- but if you aren’t artistic, this could be significantly more difficult- but if you are, what a fun DIY way to display your favorite rides or movie titles in their respective fonts!


9. At LEAST one vintage travel-inspired (kind-of DIY) Disney poster.


Make guests do a double take when they see that your vintage travel posters aren’t very vintage, or travel-y, at all! The link above (click the photo) provides a bunch of websites where you can download the cutest, FREE posters. Then, all you have to do is send those files to your favorite printer (Costco, Walmart, Walgreens, etc.), order them in poster size (around 18×24), pick up a cheap poster frame from Walmart (like these)- or don’t, and you have a cheap (under $10!) addition to your home decor. NHE Tip: If you order your poster print from Walmart, you can also have the frame purchased online and waiting for you in the store!


10. A door to Wonderland.



What better way is there to add a little imagination to your home than with this a-door-able (had to do it) prop! For just $60 and available in multiple hardware finishes, some “wood” say it’s worth it’s weight in gold. (We’re done with the puns, I promise).


11. DIY dedicated display areas.


How cute is this Snow White-inspired decor area?! And Beauty and The Beast?! Putting objects that might otherwise seem completely mundane in the same place can totally change the feel of an area- take these for example! Gather up objects from thrift stores or around the house, and get to decorating!


12. A special, DIY sparkly visitor.


By day, it’s a normal piece of decor- but by night, this little jar turns into a home for the cutest of guests!

13. This DIY lamp with a secret message.

Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 7.45.05 AM_large_jpgThe options are endless with this tutorial- whether you want to use words, or have the silhouette of your favorite characters shining through, you can do it all by just changing the shapes.


15. The cutest speaker you’ve ever seen.


With sound fit for a queen and the most adorable look of any speaker ever, this little piece doubles not only as a piece of decor, but for playing music around your castle.



We hope you’re as in love with all those ideas as we are- we can’t wait to add a few subtle touches here and there- and when you do, send us a photo at info@nhelementrealty.com so we can feature your designs on our social media and blog!