10 Easy Ways To Relieve Home Buyers’ (Or Sellers’) Stress

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Okay, it’s all paid for. Now what?


I’m not kidding when I say this. You need some R&R (rest and relaxation). Seriously! It’s important to give yourself a break in between stressful situations. Here are some of our best suggestions:

  • Get some exercise. No, we don’t mean lifting boxes. Not only does exercise relieve stress, but it actually prevents future stress, too!
  • Meditate. No, you don’t have to levitate- or even get into some yogi position. Just take a few deep breaths and take some time to center yourself. What emotions are you feeling right now? Why? Can you do anything to alleviate them? Being more in tune with yourself makes you better able to tackle any situation.
  • Eat a healthy meal. Sure, comfort foods helps too (when does food not help, really) but grabbing some carrots and ranch and snacking in a healthy way gives you all that energy back.
  • You don’t have to tell me twice.
  • Take a vacation. Sure, it’s an excuse to escape, but it’s also good for your health. People who regularly take vacations have better health- so there’s another reason to book that all-inclusive vacation to Mexico. If you can’t afford it, then a pool or beach day is the next best thing (just add sunscreen and margaritas).
  • Get an attitude of gratitude. Yeah, I know I sound like your mom- but it’s true. People who practice gratitude daily have much lower levels of stress. Start a journal, writing 5 things every day that you are thankful for!
  • Schedule your off time. For those of us who are busy or forget, phone calendars exist. I’m so prone to forgetting that I actually schedule a break in my day to relax. “But I don’t have time!” Well, that’s the point. Make it.
  • Even a fake one- it helps.
  • Tomorrow starts today. Take ten minutes before bed to pick out your outfit and set aside things you need to bring with you- and get enough sleep!
  • Go outside. Not only because of the sun’s vitamin d, but also because the smells and sounds of nature are naturally calming to humans- makes sense, no?